Our Values

  1. Worship – The worship of God is our chief calling as a church, and thus is our highest value. Lord’s Day worship is the primary place the ordinary means of grace (the word, prayer, the sacraments, and fellowship) are enjoyed, and thus it is the most important thing we do as a corporate body. We are committed to corporate worship that is pleasing to God, orderly, evoking a reverent rejoicing, and led with excellence and beauty. In our worship, the word of Christ will richly dwell among us: we will sing the word, pray the word, read the word, preach the word, and see the word in the sacraments.
  2. Gospel of Grace – We are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone, from beginning to end, and nothing should be added to this gospel of sovereign grace. We are committed to keeping the good news of the finished work of Christ at the center of our proclamation, our life together as a community, and our ministry to those outside the church.
  3. Truth – God has revealed Himself to us, and it is our great privilege to mine the riches of His world and His word that we might know Him and His will better. In a world that rejects the concept of absolute truth, we are committed to growing in our knowledge of the truth of God’s word. We believe that the Westminster Standards most accurately interpret God’s word for the church. Knowledge of the truth is the foundation of, and must lead to, godliness.
  4. Mission – The church exists for God, and for those outside the church. Christ has given us a task, to make disciples of all the nations. We are committed to spreading the love of Christ to our neighbors far and near, through words and good deeds, seeking to gather in the lost sheep to Christ’s fold. We desire to be both deliberate and organic in our evangelistic outreach. We will pray for, give to, and participate in the spread of the gospel to the nations.
  5. Fellowship – We have been created by God for relationships, and we need one another in the body of Christ in order to grow as disciples. In a world filled with loneliness and the idolatry of individualism, we are committed to sharing life together outside of corporate worship, meeting one another’s needs, encouraging one another in our fight for joy and against sin, and praying for and with one another.
  6. Family – From creation, the basic building block of the church and the state has been the family. God has made His covenant with us and with our children. Thus in a world rejecting the Bible’s teaching on the family, we are committed to raising the next generation in the discipline and instruction of the Lord, and to ministering in ways that strengthen rather than tear apart the family.